Safety Tips

  • Footwear should allow you to run without stumbling
  • Clothing should not be revealing nor sexually provocative
  • Earrings should be limited to studs or clip-ons
  • Never carry tote bags our shoulder-strap bags


  • Always let someone know where you are going
  • Always let someone know when you will return
  • Make sure there is a crisis plan in your office



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  • Know everything there is to know about your client
  • Know the neighborhood
  • Know the local police
  • Know who to expect to be there



Situational Control


  • Begin by controlling yourself
    • Slow your breathing down
    • Process information quickly
    • Trust your instincts
  • Always be the last person to sit down
  • Never allow anything or anyone to separate you from a clear exit



Social Worker Safety Tips

This document offers more safety tips on how to keep yourself safe at work, in your car, and out in the field!

Safety Tips Document

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