Stun Gun
Stunmaster Lipstick  

Dimensions: 3" x 3/4"

The STUN MASTER* 950,000 VOLT RECHARGEABLE LIPSTICK S'1'4N G( .N with FLASIILIG11'1 is the smallest stun gun we carry and was designed to look like a tube of lipstick.Its innovative design and small size make this stun gun unique and super portable. Whether you're carrying an oversized purse or an evening clutch, this stun gun goes wherever you go.
Powered by a builu-in rechargeable battery and includes an integrated charger. Under the cap are 2 buttons: one for the flashlight and one for the stun gun.

Disable Pin: The wrist strap is worn around your wrist and plugs into the bottom of the stun gun. If the stun gun is taken away from you the disable pin will pull out, preventing the stun gun from working.

Cost $28.95 Plus Shipping